Several recommendation widgets are available within the Shopify marketplace. Some of them have tons of reviews. Despite what you might think, it is no guarantee some can work for you and your online store because not all recommendation widgets are the same.

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A recommendation widget can be as simple as showing a new user a list of best-selling items. Another recommendation widget may use an AI-based algorithm to offer a consistently changing set of products. 

The best stores use the most appropriate product recommendation apps, so each online shopper feels they are receiving a personalized experience. Businesses that make the online user experience more personalized see a 19% increase in sales. With 56% of online shoppers returning to online stores that show intelligent product recommendations, today’s shoppers expect a personalized online experience. Product recommendations are useful and should optimize your online store’s performance. We will explore the two types of recommendation apps to see which one fits your store the best and maximize your KPI. 


1. Manual Recommendation

If you want to recommend a shirt that goes well with a skirt or a travel accessory that goes well with a luggage bag, you can configure a manual recommendation widget. In this category, merchants choose and recommendations products. Advanced users may use this commonly with loyal customers. These are for merchants with a high confidence level since they do not run recommendations based on results but based on their business instincts and new products. An example is when you release a new product, but it does not purchase history yet. A manual recommendation widget is useful for showing a product to customers you would like to see better performance in sales.

2. Data-Based

Like, this widget uses artificial intelligence to learn from buyers’ purchases and interactions in your store. It identifies trends, scores the products, and matches the audience with their preferred products. This category of widgets learns from the buyers and then offer real-time product recommendations. As you know more about your customers based on their interactions, it is fundamental to show relevant content. About 74% of customers will become frustrated if they get promotions and offers not related to their interests. This widget uses your customer data to show relevant content that will increase engagement and conversions.


1. Product Strategy

Your product strategy depends on your preference for controlling recommendations and your comfort level with running recommendations tools. This defines if you prefer a manual or an AI-based widget. Installing a manual recommendation widget can help generate suggestions for a new store without a previous order history or a few orders to bootstrap future product recommendations. A data-based widget can learn on the go as more customers buy from your store and show real-time recommendations.

2. Volume of Visitors

Based on the volume of visitors, you can pick one widget over another. This kind of technology is not necessarily the most expensive one is the best for you. Find the right match for your store. There are expensive widgets that charge you the same, no matter the amount of online traffic coming to your store. Recommendly has various pricing options based on the number of visitors. Since Recommendly’s platform is a service, you only pay for what you use. If your store has less traffic this month compared to the previous month, your bill will decrease. Recommendly also offers a free pricing option.

3. Product Inventory

A store with 50,000 SKU is not the same as a small store with 200 SKU. For stores with large amounts of units, it is necessary to have a strong search engine capable of organizing your inventory to offer a better user experience for incoming visitors. Whenever you add new products to certain store categories or boost your sales in a short time, Recommendly’s powerful AI-based recommender widget is integrated into the same app’s product recommendation engine.

Be an Asset to Your Customers

A recommendation widget is an important tool that helps you stay in touch with your users throughout their purchase journey. Some users know what they want to buy, and some users act more like that friend who asks the waiter about the day’s specials at a new restaurant. If you provide intelligent help with a great product recommendation app, you will help your users choose the best products while also increasing your sales. While this requires a lot of data that shows their activity, engagement, and purchase history, it’s worthwhile for your business and your customers.

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